PASPORT -laadsensor

Hiermee kunnen studenten elektrostatische ladingen meten met automatische schaling en polariteit. Voor gebruik met pasport -interfaces.
Allows students to measure electrostatic charges with automatic scaling and polarity. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

The Charge Sensor is designed for experiments in electrostatics such as inductive charging, charge production/distribution, and charge on a capacitor. The sensor features automatic scaling, eliminating the need for a gain switch. Designed with highly efficient input over-voltage protection, the Charge Sensor is virtually “blow-out” proof and will provide many years of use in the student lab.

When used with the Faraday Ice Pail, the Charge Sensor can measure the total charge on an object by the induction method.

The Charge Sensor can also be used as a high impedance voltmeter (1012 Ω). It includes a 0.9 m shielded cable with alligator clips to eliminate stray fields.

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