Gemotoriseerde kraan zonder //control.node

Motorized Crane made from PASCO Structures

This version is offered for customers who already have a //control.Node (PS-3232). ME-7030 Motorized Crane is the total kit with a //control.Node.

The Motorized Crane is made using PASCO Structures and is controlled and powered by the //control.Node. Students can program the controller to run the stepper motor and servo motors using Blockly coding embedded in PASCO Capstone or SPARKvue software.

The crane picks up objects with an electromagnet which is also controlled and powered by the //control.Node. Students can vary the duty cycle to change the power of the electromagnet and explore the minimum power required to pick up different objects. Steel washers are included with stickers to attach to non-ferrous objects, such as paper cups, so the electromagnet can pick them up.

The crane includes three sets of gears to explore the effect of gear ratios (1:1, 2:1, 4:1) on speed and lifting capability.

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