The Photosynthesis Chamber allows for fine control of water temperature and light exposure for aquatic photosynthesis experiments.

PASCO’s Photosynthesis Chamber (PS-3251) allows students to monitor common photosynthesis experiments in a controlled aquatic environment. Typical experiments require students to infer photosynthetic rate changes by using chloroplasts and dye. This chamber allows your students to better understand photosynthesis through direct measurements of oxygen, carbon dioxide, pH, and more, while controlling variables including light, temperature, and nutrient levels. This device is ideal for exploring aquatic plants, algal beads, and even the consumption of oxygen by respiration.

The Photosynthesis Chamber lid features three convenient ports for sensors with included stoppers to maintain a closed system when sensors aren't in use. The ports accommodate PASCO's Wireless Temperature Sensor (PS-3201), Wireless Conductivity Sensor (PS-3210A), Wireless pH Sensor (PS-3204), and other ion selective electrodes for additional measurements.

A clear inner chamber allows full sunlight exposure while an opaque outer cover chamber blocks out light. Nine separate LED lights (white, red, green or blue) allow students to test variables such as light type and plant nutrient uptake and elimination.

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